Weekday afternoons at 4PM, we deliver enough molten metal and hairspray to punch a hole in the ozone layer! Maiden… Priest… Crüe… Ozzy… Ratt… Dokken… the names say it all!


Metal Mayhem is a celebration of all things loud and hairy! 2-hours of pure lipstick and leather as we spin the soundtrack to the decade of decadence. This is the place where sex, drugs, rock n’ roll never died.


Squeeze into your spandex, grab the Aqua Net and jump in the IROC-Z and blast the Super Tuner, metalheads because, Z-Rock and METAL MAYHEM are taking you back to the Sunset Strip. CRANK IT UP!


METAL MAYHEM, weekdays at 4PM (Pacific) only on ZRockOnline.com



** Use hashtag #ShadoworksRequest


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